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"Achieving peace, balance and harmony in your life is something you have the power to create."
Licened And Owners Barbara & Elizabeth Mother And Daughter Psychic Team.
Welcome To The Psychic Shop Of Las Vegas

"It is Our destiny to offer our psychic advice and spiritual guidance to serve others. Life is a journey and each one of us deserves to enjoy the ride. Yes there will be highs and lows on this journey. We can help you overcome your heartache and teach you how to feel and grow and to experience love. Let us help you with your worries and problems and understand what you need to do to achieve the future you desire. We can feel the thoughts and feelings of others. We can use our God gifted powers to see the feelings of your loved one. When We do this you will get clarity into your relationship. This is a powerful tool to be used with extreme care.
If you want truth and accuracy, You will not be disappointed. We are gifted spiritual advisors helping people around the world find real answers."

We Specializes in Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Reuniting Lovers, Psychic Readings, Life Coaching for more info click services

Available for parites and gatherings
(702) 628-1580
10:00 am - 8:00 pm