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"Achieving peace, balance and harmony in your life is something you have the power to create."
Barbara & Elizabeth Mother And Daughter Psychic Team.
About Us
We Would Like To Start Off By Thanking You For Taking A Moment Out To Visit With Us.
We Are Honest Psychic Readers So Please Keep An Open Mind.

Psychic Barbara And Elizabeth Has Been Gifted For Over A Combined Of 50 Years
Reveals Past, Present And Future And Can Answer All Questions Of Life
One Of Our Most Powerful Tool Is To Channel In On Your Life With One Of Our Psychic Readings To Help Guide You One The Right Path Of Your Life.

We Are Also Love Specialists, We Will Reveal The Mind Of Your Lover
We Have The Spiritual Gift To Reunite Lost Love
Also We Specializing In Chakra Balancing.

This Is Not Something We Learned Out Of Of Book, We Are Naural Born Psychics.
This Is A God Gifted Has Been Pass Down From Genertaions To Generetions.

We Not Here To Give You False Hope And Say Things Just To Make You Feel Better. We Are Not Here To Judge You. We Are Here To Help You.
We Are Here To Tell You Exactly What We Feel And See, Help Guide You Into The Right Direction. Good Or Bad, We Will Only Say What Is Being Brought Through To Us, But Speak With A Compassionate Heart.

We Are Here To Make A Difference, Shed Light Where There Is Darkness, Give Hope Where It May Seem Hopeless And Advise You To Move On Or Hold On. We Are Able To Channel In And Feel The Energy Around You Along With Our Psychic Abilities And Tarot Cards We See And Feel The Situation That Matters To You!

If You Are Tired Of False Promises And You Are Ready To Hear The Truth Regarding,
Love, Relationship, Marriage
Do You Have Questions Like:
Does My Partner Love Me?
Is My Partner Being True To Me?
Will I Ever Be In A Healthy Relationship?
Is Someone From My Past Coming Back Or Should I Close The Door And Move Forward?
Will I Get A Good Job?
Will I Be Promoted?
Will I Get A Raise?
Am I Going To Move?
Buy A Home?
Iam I Gonna Travel?

Please Call For More Information
Available for parities and gatherings
(702) 628-1580
10:00 am - 8:00 PM