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"Achieving peace, balance and harmony in your life is something you have the power to create."
Barbara & Elizabeth Mother And Daughter Psychic Team.

Love Psychic Specialist
Reuniting lovers is our specialty. We have helped countless couples mend their relationships. Repairing the loss of love, Relationship counseling, commitment, chemistry, passion, lust, desire, trust, faith, and forgiveness. Bringing back lovers permanently is the heart of our services: Without love, life is meaningless; love is the power of life.
$125.00 - 475.00
(Price Varies On Service Type)

Psychic Readings
Tarot Card Reading - Palm Reading - Psychic Reading - Charka/Aura Reading - Past Life/Channeling Reading - Crystal Ball Reading - Astrology/Horoscope Reading - Full Life Reading - Couples Reading - Egyptian Sand Readings
Love and Relationship Readings.
$25.00 - 125.00
(Price Varies On Service Type)

Treatments and Services:
Reuniting/Repairing Lovers Relationships - Stress Removal - Negativity Removal - Counseling - Life Coaching - Protection from all - Aura cleansing - Charka Balancing - Spiritual/Energy Healing - Crystal Healing.
($150.00 - 750.00)
(Price Varies On Service Type)

Charka Balancing
   As We work with a client, We work on all levels of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being — often beginning with healing the charka.

As a session of Life Healing begins, you will be lying on a massage table. I will intuit, feel and sense what needs to be balanced, healed, cleared, and harmonized for you to access optimal health. I am often guided to clear, balance and sometimes repair a client's charka.

The Outcome Of Cleansing And Balancing The Charka
Clients receiving a charka healing often experience a calm, peaceful, and relaxed state and some have experiences of expanded awareness, positivity in all matters of their lives.

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Available for parities and gatherings
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10:00 am - 8:00 PM